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    Eco-Friendly Bathrooms: A Modern Choice

    If you’re looking to give your bathroom a makeover, why not make it more environmentally-friendly? Read our guide for our top tips on updating your space, to help you save on water and use less electricity. Change up your bath and shower It can be a good idea to reduce water waste by adding a low-flow showerhead. They keep your water pressure at a comfortable level, while also reducing the water flow. If you install a high-tech shower, you might end up skipping baths- another great way to lower your monthly water bill as baths use a lot more water. Get an eco-friendly toilet  There are lots of new styles…

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    Home Library Ideas

    If you love books and have a huge collection why not create a home library where you easily store your books? Home libraries might sound like a thing of the past but there is no reason of not having on e this in your home. Public libraries are huge with endless collection of books but can not offer the coziness and the intimacy a home library does. You can play around with ideas to have your home library appear as you please. We have put together some of this ideas and they may inspire you. How you display is important Proper storage is is the most important aspect of a…

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    Eliminate Clutter with Simple Shoe Storage Ideas

    Nobody likes to keep their shoes in a large pile in a closet or by the front door, but many of us do. Shoe storage is a problem, especially for those of us who love having many shoes. The good news is that there is a range of shoe storage ideas you can run with. Here are six excellent shoe organizer ideas that will organize your shoes well and look fantastic on any budget. Over the door shoe rack You can hang it up on the back or front of a door. These will hold almost two dozen pairs of shoes, giving you freer floor space. The door shoe rack…

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