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Eco-Friendly Bathrooms: A Modern Choice

If you’re looking to give your bathroom a makeover, why not make it more environmentally-friendly? Read our guide for our top tips on updating your space, to help you save on water and use less electricity.

Change up your bath and shower

It can be a good idea to reduce water waste by adding a low-flow showerhead. They keep your water pressure at a comfortable level, while also reducing the water flow. If you install a high-tech shower, you might end up skipping baths- another great way to lower your monthly water bill as baths use a lot more water.

Get an eco-friendly toilet 

There are lots of new styles of toilets on the market that cut down on both waste water and waste paper. Japanese paperless toilets use water for cleaning, so you won’t need to contribute to the tonnes of toilet paper that is flushed down our drains every year. You can also opt for toilet flushing systems that use recycled water; they have a built-in filter to remove germs, and any excess can even be used for watering your plants!

Switch your lightbulbs 

Mood lighting is great for any bathroom, as it can give your space a spa-like feel, helping you to unwind at the end of the day. You should make sure your lightbulbs are energy-saving, as not only will they use less electricity, but they’ll also save you money as they often last for several years.