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Eliminate Clutter with Simple Shoe Storage Ideas

Nobody likes to keep their shoes in a large pile in a closet or by the front door, but many of us do. Shoe storage is a problem, especially for those of us who love having many shoes. The good news is that there is a range of shoe storage ideas you can run with. Here are six excellent shoe organizer ideas that will organize your shoes well and look fantastic on any budget.

Over the door shoe rack

You can hang it up on the back or front of a door. These will hold almost two dozen pairs of shoes, giving you freer floor space. The door shoe rack comes in handy, especially for those of us with limited floor space. These racks keep your shoes neat and out of the way. They come in all sorts of lengths and are made from different materials. The most popular one is made from plastic and runs the entire length and width of your door.

Bench-like shoe storage units

These are great for your front or back door. You can put some of your outside shoes like rain and snow boots inside the top compartment and under the bench part in these benches. Keeping your shoes here makes it easy to put them on and take them off. These are especially great for keeping your seasonal shoes and accessories.

Individual plastic containers

You can put several pairs of shoes in them, and you can store them under your bed or on a closet shelf. The beauty of these containers is that they are stackable. Not only will they store your shoes, but they will also keep your shoes from becoming dusty and allow them to keep their shape.

Regular shoe racks

Regular shoe racks are attractive and serve their purpose well. You can find them made from wood or plastic to suit your needs. Most shoe racks are also designed to occupy little floor space – like these:

Shoe storage cabinet

These cabinets come in various sizes and styles to suit your needs. They are made from metal, wood, plastic or, melamine. They come in handy, especially for shoes that are worn regularly. Decorative cabinets are ideal if you love to store your shoes adjacent to the door.

Storage bins

You can use many things for storage bins, some of them you don’t need to buy because they are already found at home. These shoe storage boxes are also stackable.

There is a shoe storage answer for practically everyone. The beauty is that if you have many shoes, you can combine these ideas.

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