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Home Library Ideas

If you love books and have a huge collection why not create a home library where you easily store your books? Home libraries might sound like a thing of the past but there is no reason of not having on e this in your home. Public libraries are huge with endless collection of books but can not offer the coziness and the intimacy a home library does. You can play around with ideas to have your home library appear as you please. We have put together some of this ideas and they may inspire you.

How you display is important

Proper storage is is the most important aspect of a home library. If you are an avid reader you might have been storing your book in less than perfect conditions. Now that you have decided to come up with a home library and you have identifies where you want it to be, the next step is to select where to display your books. A few people are lucky to dedicate an entire room to the library. However, you can find better ways of sharing some space with your home library. For instance, part of your office or the living room can be converted to a library. You can also create a reading nook in any part of your home. Afterwards you can now decide on the type of shelves you would want to use. There are floor to ceiling shelves or the more traditional built in shelving units.

Seating arrangement

Once you figure out your storage, the seating arrangement comes next. Whether you have tons of square footage to fit a while set of seats or just a small space enough to accommodate one chair, be sure to make that comfortable. Bring some coziness with your seats by adding throw pillows or fluffy seats that will allow you to kick back and get carried away by your book. For more styling ideas for your home library head over to Tylko.


Don’t shy away from adding a few accessories to your home library. This will add some personal touch to that space. You can opt to go for flowers, vases or sculptures which you can place on the floors to compliment the bookshelves.


Create an exquisite look in your library by adding some beautiful lighting fixtures. Having a reading lamp is very important but you can also add accent lights to your walls and book shelves.

More tips for your home library

  • You can add a ladder to help you get to the top shelf
  • Add a desk
  • Display your antique books
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